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PSAT Registration and Testing

On 3 October the class of 2018 will register for an in­school administration of the PSAT. The registration will take place during the advisory period. One month later, November 2, 2016, the exam will be administered from 8:25­11:45. Results from the PSAT are usually available in December or January. The comprehensive reports are mailed to the school. Students will receive their own individual copy during an advisory meeting 17 February, 2017.

Dates Summary
• 3 October: Registration during advisory
• 2 November: PSAT Exam: 8:25­11:45
• 17 February: PSAT Return & Reading Results during advisory.

Why does AIS administer the PSAT to all Grade 11 Students?
The PSAT, unlike the SAT, can be administered during the school day. The testing opportunity is informal, inexpensive and easy to administer and it is only available through schools. The purpose of administering the PSAT at AIS is to assist with university applications in the future. The SAT is used around the world for university admissions, not just the United States. While the SAT exam does not surpass higher education's preference for IB Diploma and Course results, the SAT can serve as an option for students. Additionally standardized tests provide quantitative information that can be useful. Practice booklets will be given out during the registration.

Casey Nolen Jackson, Director of University Counseling & Career Guidance
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Brussels College Night

In the last three months the AIS Career and University Counseling Office has visited with representatives from hundreds of universities. While some of those representatives came here to AIS, most visits occur before and after the big university fairs for students. Counselors and admissions officers spend a lot of time in more informal gatherings over food, coffee and admissions issues. Counselors and admissions people also connect in special Facebook groups and at professional conferences in addition to all the usual methods for staying in touch. In the past three months AISCUCO gathered with 30 other counselors from around the world to visit with 10 universities in Boston, AIS ate pizza in New Jersey with Maastricht, Utrecht and Erasmus, had supper with St. Andrews, SOAS and Sussex and 25 other UK schools in Paris. Finally, last week finished with the Fulbright Fair in Brussels, a primarily American event. There have been countless conversations with the university representatives from the universities that matter to our students. And while there is much to be learned from the fair workshops, the informal and personal conversations far outweigh anything else AISCUCO does to bring students and the ‘best fit’ universities together.

Casey Nolen Jackson, Director of University Counseling & Career Guidance
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What do university league tables tell you?

Researching Courses in the UK can sometimes be tricky. Navigating the very important League Tables is a university application ritual for students headed to United Kingdom for School. This article from Which? University explains the different league tables and their methodologies.

Gill Sharp, Which? University
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